How to find the Crimson Bubbletear in Elden Ring

An important booster for when your health is low.

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The Crimson Bubbletear is a great item that you can find in Elden Ring, especially if you need a safety net for your health. This tear instantly gives you health when it gets low so you don’t need to remember to use your flask. It will automatically give you 30% of your max health back when your health hits 20%. Unfortunately, the downside of this tear is that it won’t give you health if you are hit hard enough to be dealt a fatal blow. Here is where you can find the Crimson Bubbletear in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Crimson Bubbletear in Elden Ring

To track down the Crimson Bubbletear, you will first need to make your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants. This is one of the later game areas that you will visit after you have completed Leyndell, Capital City. To reach this area, you will need to defeat Morgott in the Capital City. Afterward, Melina will give you the medallion to use the Grand Lift of Rold. This lift is just outside of the Capital City and past the Forbidden Lands.

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After taking the lift, you will want to head northeast and follow the river to reach the frozen lake. There is a Site of Grace here if you need it. Next, make your way north before heading west up the mountain next to the lake. Go southwest through the graveyard until you find a bridge. There are two bridges that lead over to the Minor Erdtree in the area.

When you reach the Minor Erdtree, get ready to fight an Erdtree Avatar. It is rather easy to take down, especially if you have spells. Once it is defeated, you will get the Crimson Bubbletear and you can add it to your growing collection in Elden Ring.