Where to find the Crow in Grounded

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird!


Following the August update in Grounded, players now have a new problem to deal with in the backyard. It’s a bird. It’s a large creature that shouldn’t be too difficult to find, but it’s a surprisingly large place for someone’s backyard.

You can find the crow hanging out over by the birdbath on the south portion of the map. It’s above the ground, over by the hedges. The crow is busy nibbling away at the berries that you’ve probably been cutting off the branches and busily using in your various recipes back at your base. The bird might also be going after the larger spiders as they likely enjoy them as a tasty snack. The crow will fly away after a time, though.

The bird’s location is also useful to you because you can use its feathers in several recipes. One of them is the Marksman cap, which requires spider silk, berry leather, and a few crow feathers. With the crow being one of the first new creatures added to the game, we can expect even bigger animals arriving sometime in the future. Here’s hoping we can find bees and mosquitoes sometime soon to complete those quests for BURG.L.

Players have reported to spotting the crow around the picnic table. It’s likely that the crow moves around the map to various locations. We have confirmed it shows up there, but not where else it visits.