Where to find the deed for Port Auley Trade Post in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – The Ivory Post

A precious trading post.

The Port Auley Trade Post in Ireland is one of the tougher locations to conquer in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Wrath of the Druids. It’s a heavily guarded location, but it comes with excellent rewards that make it a worthwhile adventure to complete.

Where to find and clear Port Auley Trade Post

The Port Auley Trade Post is in the north section of Connacht, to the west of Ben Bulben. It’s full of aggressive Druids, and you should expect your vision to be foggy throughout the entire encounter, as if Eivor were drunk. There are a handful of named enemies here, and many of them can hit fairly hard.

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Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll next need to locate a note to learn where the deed for Port Auley went. You can find the note inside one of the walls to the trading post, on the west side. The note will be on top of a crate, and you’ll learn that everything for the trading post was taken to Kesh Corann.

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Where to find the Port Auley deed at Kesh Corann

Your next stop will be directly south of Port Auley, right next to Lough Gara. Like Port Auley, Kesh Corann is full of Druids that you do not have to clear out before obtaining the deed. Instead, aim for the area above the primary cave, and there will be a handful of Druids guarding this area that you can defeat.

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After beating them, the deed is tucked away behind a breakable wall. What we did was we approached the wall and drew aggro on the Druid behind it. They attacked the wall, and it blew up. It was easier than having to seek out an explosive jar. Once you walk through, continue following the path and assassin the Druid in the next room, and the deed will be in a nearby chest.

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You’ll now have the deed to Port Auley. Return to the trading post to the north of your position, and you’ll now be able to add Luxuries to your exotic resources stash that you can stack. You have to return to Azar in Dublin to retrieve them.