Where to find the Forgotten Forest Meditation Spot in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Meditate in the Forgotten Forest to raise your maximum health. Find out where it’s at now.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Meditation spots are important to visit in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. They offer you a boost to your maximum health whenever you discover a new one. Hidden deep in the woods of the Forgotten Forest is a somewhat tough-to-find spot. Below, we’ll detail how to find it.

Meditation Spot location

To reach the Meditation spot, start by traveling to the right after meeting up with Rusu at the start of the Forgotten Forest. Clear out the corrupted area. After that’s finished, Rusu will be waiting for you next to the shrine. You should be able to spot a staircase from his location. Check out the picture below for reference.

Head over to the area with the stairs and you will find a broken staircase. Climb the staircase and follow the path until you reach a bridge going over a shallow river. Follow the river into the heavily wooded area until you come across a stone. Jump on the stone and take aim with your bow at the crystal on the other side of the river like in the picture below.

After you hit the crystal, columns will raise out of the water. Use these to hop over to dry land and following it until you reach the Meditation Spot. Now you can rest peacefully with upgraded health.