Where to find the hedge research base in Grounded

Hidden mysteries of science.

You can find a science lab at the base of the oak tree in Grounded by completing the main story quest of the game. After that mission, you’re free to roam around and explore the rest of the game, with additional content releasing from developer Obsidian Entertainment later on. For those who have explored enough, there’s another research lab you can find in the game hidden in the hedges.

Where is the hedge research base?

You can find it stuck in the middle of the hedges closer to the furthest southeast point of the map. It’s high up on the ground, so you want to be somewhere in the hedge branches to climb aboard it. An ideal location to make it easier for yourself is to visit the field station in the hedge to the south portion of the map.

You want to make your way to the south part of the hedges to find the field station hidden above in the hedge branches. There are few orb weavers nearby, so try to reach higher ground before they eat you. After that, start to progress east into the hedge, climbing through the branches, and grab any berries you can find along the way. A good halfway marker is the Flingman Flying Frisbee stuck in the hedge. Unfortunately, there are plenty of spiders on it. Dash across it to the other side, or they will eat you and impede your progress.

By continuing on the path, you should spot the large base in the tree closer to the north section of the eastern edge. It’s a large ship, right in the middle of the hedges, and a bit hard to miss. You have to be careful because there appear to be orb weavers on the ground and inside the ship, so take your time exploring the best route to enter it. There seems to be an open port on the far side of the base. Unfortunately, when attempting to access the doors, they say locked.

We don’t know if there’s a way to open it right now, or it opens in the future when Obsidian releases additional content for Grounded. It could hold a new adventure for us or even new crafting recipes we can take back to our camp where we can become even more formidable in this miniature environment.