Where to find the new loot cave in Destiny 2

The memories.

Destiny 2

So, Guardians seem pretty convinced that they have found a new loot cave in Destiny 2. Loot caves are always an interesting beast, providing potential benefits if you are willing to stand in place for a very long time.

This new loot cave is located on the Cosmodrome, in The Divide. You can find the exact location marked by the player icon on the map below. Spawn in near Shaw Han on the Cosmodrome, then turn around and head through the buildings out into the Divide. The new Loot Cave is in the building on the left.

You will need to wipe out the enemies there to force a respawn, then head inside. The enemies all spawn through one room, with a pretty solid respawn rate. This allows you to quickly farm them, gather up any potential drops.

So, is the Loot Cave worth it? To find out, you will need to spend a couple of hours there and check your drop rates against the things you might find in other activities in the game. The main attraction of this Loot Cave is that it can spawn powerful enemies, giving a chance for Prime Engrams to drop.

After an hour of testing, we cannot say that we were hugely impressed by the drops, and at the moment we don’t feel that it beats Gambit as a great way to increase your power. It does have one major advantage that some players will like however, because it is not Gambit, a fairly divisive activity in the game.

We will be spending more time testing it, and will update this article with our final thoughts when we have more data.