Where to find the Raging Wolf Armor in Elden Ring

Find out how to get this popular network test armor set.

Screenshot of Elden Ring showing Tarnished wearing Raging Wolf armor set

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Raging Wolf armor set was worn by the Bloody Wolf starting class during Elden Ring’s network test, but if you want to wear this armor set in the full game, you’ll have to do a decent amount of legwork. You’ll unlock this armor set by advancing through the Volcano Manor questline. To unlock the questline, you’ll first have to venture to Atlus Plateau, travel through Mount Gelmir, and then arrive at the Volcano Manor. Then, you’ll have to join forces with Tanith, and complete the first two bounties she gives you.

After completing the second bounty, return to Volcano Manor and go into the drawing room. Speak with Knight Bernahl, who will request that you help him take down two targets: Vargram the Raging Wolf and Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm. The two are found together in Leyndell, Royal Capital, and their location will be marked on your map. You’ll find a summoning sign in the same room that houses the Alberich armor set; interact with it to invade your two targets.

Screenshot of Elden Ring's map showing the location of the summoning sign needed to get the raging wolf armor
Screenshot by Gamepur

Thankfully, you’re not going at this alone. Bernahl will spawn in with you to help take down your targets. He helps a lot in the fight, as his presence usually distracts one enemy, allowing you to have a one-on-one fight with the other. We recommend you take down Wilhelm first. His magic attacks are quite strong, and he can kill you with only a few hits. Vargram is much easier to defeat when he’s by himself; simply dodge his melee attacks and retaliate with a jumping heavy strike.

Once you defeat both enemies, you’ll arrive back in your own world and acquire the Raging Wolf armor set. Now you can don the duds first introduced in the network test.