Where to find the Rocket League Octane car in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Air Roll endlessly with this special crossover vehicle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As it has already made its way to Creative, Rocket League’s Octane vehicle has now traveled into all of Fortnite’s battle royale modes. Best of all, the car acts just as it does in the sports title, as players can jump, twist, and even boost to an unimaginable speed with it. This makes the vehicle a must have for those wanting a victory, but don’t anticipate seeing it parked within every named location. Here’s where to find the Octane in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

How to get Rocket League’s Octane vehicle in Fortnite

The Rocket League Octane car is certainly not as common on the island as other vehicles in the game, as it is known to spawn in just seven locations. They are typically located at the center of select points of interest, but you can also run into them within a few landmarks. You can discover each of the Octane’s locations pictured and listed below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • At the center of Shiny Sound
  • Southwest of Chrome Crossroads
  • At the center of Tainted Towers
  • Southwest of Reality Tree, at the Runaway Runway landmark
  • At the center of Greasy Grove
  • Within Chonker’s Speedway, at the racetrack’s finish line
  • At the beach directly north of Fort Jonesy

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Once found, there is no doubt you will be in possession of the best car in the battle royale, with it flouting several abilities. For instance, players can use the jump button to leap and twist the Octane in any direction. The ride even allows drivers to boost its speed for extended amounts of time. Be forewarned, each Octane only holds 450 Health, so we highly recommend having a repair torch on hand to heal it. It may also be worth finding the new Grapple Glider, as the traversal tool lets you escape heated POIs just as fast.