Where to find the Rotten Bee Armor in Grounded

It is worth the effort.


Image via Steam

Armor is extremely useful in Grounded, protecting you from all the bugs that will be trying to eat you as you explore the yard. While there is lots of armor to make, you can also find an armor set called the Rotten Bee Armor, if you know where to look.

Where to find the Rotten Bee Armor

Rotten Be Armor

To find the Rotten Bee Armor, you will need to make your way to the point show on the map above. Here, you will find a tunnel the goes underground. Make sure you have plenty of torches, water, and food before you go exploring.

It is quite hard to describe the route through the tunnels to each of the three different armor pieces, but Youtuber ZaFrostPet has a very helpful video that will show you how to get to each one.

You will need to be careful down in the tunnel, as they it is lousy with ants, and they will try to gang up on you if they can. Try to aggro them one at a time, and deal with each one before moving on to the next.

There are three parts of the armor that you can find down in the tunnels:

  • Rotten Bee Face Mask
  • Rotten Bee Shin Guards
  • Rotten Bee Shoulder Pads

Now, interestingly, there do not appear to be bees in the game at the moment, but this is surely a sign that they are either hiding very carefully or will be making their way to the game in the future.