Where to find the scrap sword and complete the Waaagh! assassination in Berlin in Hitman 3

For the war machine.

There are numerous unorthodox tools and weapons you can use in the Hitman series. The unique way you take out your target, the more of a challenge it can be. On the Berlin map in Hitman 3, you’re in a night club with plenty of party-goers. There’s a challenge for you to complete that requires you to find a scrap sword, and then you have to take out a target with that weapon. Most of the disguises you find on this map will not wield this item without being suspicious, so you don’t have too many options.

Where to find the scrap sword

The scrap sword is not an easy item to find. It won’t be an obvious location, but we could find it with a bit of detective work. You’ll find it on the Berlin club border and the biker’s hideout, right next to the Juice Bar. It’s next to the river where Agent Swan is consistently patrolling. You’ll find it in between several crates, to the right of the Juice Bar.

How to get the Waaagh! assassination kill

Now that you have the scrap sword, the next thing you have to do is find a target to use it on to complete the challenge. We found that the best person to use this against was Agent Swan. They frequently walk near this area, making them an easy target to assassinate with this weapon. You can make it more of a challenge for yourself by going after any of the other ICA agents on the map, but we recommend this one to make your life easier.

You’ll have to wait a little bit for Agent Swan to make their way over to your position. He stands by the river, next to the bridge. You’ll have to toss a few items on the ground to get his attention and lure him over the side. If you can, you’ll be able to lure him away from the man who stands on the bridge to take him out without any witnesses. We weren’t able to do this on our run, but we still get the challenge done, regardless.