Where to find the Sun and Moon Ball in Resident Evil Village – Beneviento Labyrinth Puzzle

Another skeleton for the collection.

There are four labyrinth puzzles you can complete in Resident Evil Village. Each of them are tied to the four lords that rule the region. To complete the labyrinths, you need to find a hidden ball somewhere in that area and then complete a small tilt puzzle. The tile puzzles are relatively easy to complete, but finding the ball can be a little troublesome. For the Veneviento Labyrinth, hidden in the Garden, you need to find a Sun and Moon ball.

The Sun and Moon ball is hidden not too far from House Beneviento. You need to first defeat Beneviento, and then you’ll gain access to the garden. When you enter the garden, look for a tree on the right side. There will be a small engraved box on the ground you can open, and inside is the Sun and Moon ball. When you enter this area for the first time, several ghouls pop up to attack you, so prepare to defend against those. Once you have the ball, you can move forward, and the Labyrinth is not too far away.

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You can find the Labyrinth a short distance away, off to the north side of the map. You do not have to return to the village to access it. There will be a safe point inside the home, with a well outside. Proceed inside the house, and place the ball on the Labyrinth. You have to tilt and roll the ball down the puzzle, and when it reaches the bottom you’ll be able to access to the skeleton locked away to sell to The Duke for a hefty price.

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