Where to find the three Shikigami at the abandoned shrine in Genshin Impact


Screenshot by Gamepur

As part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest in Genshin Impact, players will need to find three Shkigami. These Shikigami are ghosts, appearing as women who can be found around the abandoned shrine.

By interacting with them, players can cause them to move from one Kitsune statue to the next, and they will need to get them all to group up at a collection of three Kitsune statues to the east of the main shrine.

Once the Shikigame have gotten to the main group of Kitsune statues, players should not interact with them again, as it will reset them to a different point in the shrine.

Shikigami locations

On the map above, players can find the original locations of all three Shikigami. One will appear on the path on the way to the shrine. A second will appear on the roof of the main Shrine building, while the third will appear near some trees just to the south of the main group of Kitsune statues.

Once they have all been sent to the three grouped-up statues, players will receive a book that appears between them and three chests. Loot the chests and grab the book, then make your way to the next shrine that will be marked on the map.