Where To Find The Trapper In Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the trapper is a man who buys and sells hunting related items. You can sell pelts to him, or you can purchase cosmetics from him. If you have the right materials, you can even get some pretty excellent headgear in the form of a bear hat. If you want to set yourself apart in the world of the game, the trapper is who you need to do just that.

Where To Find The Trapper

The trapper’s main stall can be found in Saint Denis, the largest town in the game. Near the waterfront at the Lannaeche River, you will find the trapper’s stall in the outdoor market. It will be marked by a paw icon and is just to the north-west of the train station.

He also has a stall just outside of Strawberry, if you haven’t made it as far as Saint Denis yet. You can find him on a kill between Riggs Station, and Bard’s Crossing. There can be some pretty dangerous wildlife in the area, so be sure to have some weapons handy if you go exploring in this region.

The trapper also has a stall near Annesburg, just to the west of Elysian Pool. There may be more trapper locations in the game as well, so keep an eye out for the little paw icon on your map. To get full outfits from the trapper, you need a lot of different skins. It may be best just to pick up the best skins you can as you play through the game, or those who want a specific outfit from the trapper can hunt down various animals that they need. Be sure to double check the types of skins you need, and the condition they need to be in!

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