Where to find thistle in Valheim

These glowing blue plants can be tricky to find.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several biomes you’ll explore in Valheim. Each of them has a unique array of plants and creatures that live there, forcing you to explore all of them to find the many resources you need to sustain your homestead while you try to survive. A common resource that becomes really useful later in the game is thistle, and it’s a core ingredient creating sausage, one of the better foods you can craft and eat to fill your stomach. It’s also what you’re going to need to develop frost and poison resistance mead potions.

Where to find thistle

You’ll be able to notice thistle as a plant with growing blue bulbs. While bright and easier to see at night, you can find them during the day with no issues.

There are two locations you can typically find thistle growing: the Black Forest and the Swamps. Of the two, you’re probably going to be visiting the Black Forest far more often than any of the Swamps. If you’re adventuring in a Swamp, you can be on the lookout for it, but there are other, more critical resources that you want to hunt for, such as iron, intestines from Draugr, or bloodbags from leeches. The Swamp is also extremely dangerous if you adventure in without any preparation, so for starting players and those still operating in the Meadows, we recommend searching the Black Forest.

We’ve found large clusters of them having around five or six plants, but typically you can find them in individual groups. Because of how useful they are later in the game, we recommend marking down where you find groups in the Black Forest. The plant doesn’t appear to respawn in the same location, but it helps to remind yourself been through a certain area and found a successful harvest there.