Where to find Thunderbugs in Monster Hunter Rise

Loud little guys.

Image via Capcom

Thunderbugs are a very important creature in Monster Hunter Rise, as you will need them to build Shock Traps. These traps are essential for catching larger monsters in the game, so you will need a lot of them.

You can find Thunderbugs from the start of the game, thankfully, so in this guide, we will show you their locations in the Shrine Ruins level. You can find five different locations for Thunderbugs in this level, keeping you well stocked up on this important resource.

You don’t need to do anything special to catch the Thunderbugs, just get to their locations as show on the map, then interact with them to catch them. They will also respawn regularly, so you can visit each site multiple times in a single quest if you wish.

It’s a good idea to work these locations into your regular routes. As you revisit areas and learn where everything is, you can develop some extremely efficient farming routes, even while hunting large monsters. As you get more proficient with the Wirebug, you will find it even easier to get to these Thunderbugs.

The video above will show you there exact locations, as some of them are in elevate positions that you will need to climb up to.

You can combine Thunderbugs with Trap Tools that are purchased from the Guild Store in town to make Shock Traps. These traps are very useful, as they can even catch flying monsters.