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Where to find Toxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go in Fallout 76

Careful of food poisoning.

There are plenty of locations in Fallout 76 for you to visit as you search the wasteland of Appalachia. Each location on the map is unique and offers different items for you to find and enemies for you to take out. Taxic Larry’s Meat ‘n Go is just one of the many areas of Appalachia that you can visit and it is a great place to go if you are hunting Cryptids. Thanks to the smell coming from this place, Snallygasters now flock to it like birds. This guide will show you where to find Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go in Fallout 76.

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Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go location in Fallout 76

Toxis Larry’s Meat n’ Go is one of the easier places to find on the map but it is definitely one that you should avoid if you are low-level. Toxic Larry’s can be found on the edge of the Savage Divide section of the map where it connects to The Mire. You can easily reach this area by traveling to the Wendigo Cave and heading east or by traveling to Berkeley Springs and going up the hills to the west.

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Toxic Larry’s is a pretty rundown shack with two stories tucked away in the cliffsides of the Savage Divide. We recommend you wait until you are around level 30 to head to this area thanks to the many strong hostiles in the area.

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What to do at Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go

You may end up coming to Toxic Larry’s during the Perfect Getaway quest. This miscellaneous quest will have you searching for a holotape in the area. One of the main reasons to come to Toxic Larry’s isn’t for the food but for the Snallygasters that like to hang out around the building. You will typically find up to three Snallygasters at a time here which is perfect for those who are hunting Cryptids.

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Inside the building, you can find various types of meat scattered about that you can pick up and cook for food. There is also a cooking station on the roof for you to make meals with. The New Meal holotape can be found next to the bed on the second floor of the building. Other than this, there is a chance for up to two magazines to spawn in the area.

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