Where to find Toxic Mushroom in Elden Ring – and what it does

Toxic Mushrooms are hard to spot and reach in Elden Ring.

Screenshot from Elden Ring

Image via Bandai Namco

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Toxic Mushrooms are hard to find for beginners of Elden Ring, and while it may not be worth the trek, you can use a poison weapon with this ingredient. Here’s where to find it.

While you’re exploring the lands within Elden Ring, you’ll eventually come across the almost post-apocalyptic area of Caelid. This is the main area you can find toxic mushrooms. Everything has corroded, and much of the land is tainted. It is also filled with monstrous enemies that will likely kill you in a few hits, so be careful.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find Caelid to the east of the Summonwater Village and northeast of the Third Church of Marika. It’s also northeast of the Minor Erdtree, next to Siofra Well.

Once you’ve set foot on this ghoulish area of the open world, try to find bushes throughout the landscape to get Toxic Mushrooms. They can also be near trees. Instead of the gold shine of regular mushrooms in the center of Limgrave, look for a dimmer reddish color of a yellow glow instead.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We found a Toxic Mushroom towards the northeast section of the landscape near the Caelem Ruins. They’re rarer to find than the Faded Erdleaf Flower, so keep trying, and you’ll find some Toxic Mushrooms eventually.

Toxic Mushrooms can help you make poison-related weapons like the Poison Pot with the Item Crafting feature. Mixed with 1 Poisonbloom and 1 Toxic Mushroom, this throwable item can cause a buildup of the affliction to your enemies. More crafting recipes, which include the Toxic Mushroom, are likely able to be found through merchants and exploring the world.