Where to find Tuna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A pretty basic fish.

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There are a whole bunch of different ingredients that you will end up finding as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will use these ingredients for cooking meals for yourself and those who live in the valley with you. While most of these ingredients are found on land, for some, you will need to look under the water. There are many fish that you will end up getting in the game, and Tuna is one of them. This guide will show you where you can find Tuna in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Tuna location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It should be no surprise to learn that Tuna can only be found in specific biomes. Similar to other fish, like Walleye, you need to look in specific places and use your fishing rod on specific fishing nodes. There are two biomes where you can find Tuna in Disney Dreamlight Valley; the Glade of Trust and the Forgotten Lands. Unfortunately, you won’t have access to either location right away. 

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To gain access to the Glade of Trust and the Forgotten Lands, you will need to collect Dreamlight. You can gather Dreamlight by completing tasks around the valley and helping residents by completing quests. The Glade of Trust can be unlocked with only 3,000 Dreamlight. The Forgotten Lands, on the other hand, require 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock. Because of this, you will want to unlock the Glade of Trust first.

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When fishing in either the Glade of Trust or the Forgotten Lands, you will want to keep an eye out for white fishing nodes. These nodes are the ones that are most likely to spawn a Tuna. If you don’t feel like fishing, Tuna can also be obtained from Moana’s boat once you have unlocked it. To do so, you follow Moana’s quest line. Once her boat is unlocked, Moana will gather fish for you and give you the supply.