Where to find Walleye in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The impossible fish.

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The world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with various ingredients that you will use at some point to create wonderful meals. While many of these ingredients are plants, you will occasionally require to gather some fish. Some fish are easy to catch and require little to no effort to fling out of the water. Others, like Walleye, appear to be near impossible to find. This guide will show you where you can find Walleye in Disney Dreamlight Valley and hopefully catch one for yourself.

How to catch Walleye in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It should be no surprise to learn that Walleye are found in a specific biome of Dreamlight Valley. After all, every creature has its own biome that it calls home. The biome that you will need to unlock to get Walleye is the Sunlit Plateau. This is the biome to the west of the Plaza and one of the more costly ones to gain access to. In order to unlock the Sunlit Plateau, you will need to collect 7,000 Dreamlight. You can collect Dreamlight by completing tasks around the valley along with completing quests for the residents.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have the Sunlit Plateau unlocked, you can find Walleye by fishing in the blue and orange nodes in the river and pond in the region. Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done. This is because a glitch in the game currently makes finding Walleye next to impossible. Most players have actually noticed that the nodes aren’t appearing in the Sunlit Plateau.

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If you want to try and catch a Walleye, you can still do so by fishing in the water, but it could take hours for one to appear. The better option is to unlock Moana’s boat. This will allow you to obtain random fish from the various regions you have unlocked. Make sure to fully upgrade the boat to increase your chances of getting rarer fish from it. For now, this is the best way to obtain Walleye without wasting hours of your life.