Where to find Umbra’s Notes on Crooked Masts in Sea of Thieves Fate of the Damned update – A Reading Festival challenge

There are some notes you need to find.

Image via Rare.

The first week of challenges in Sea of Thieves’ Fate of the Damned update have players exploring the ocean, seeking out the latest information about the Shadow of Fates’ looming threat. These shadows are attempting to summon the Ghost of Lord Graymarrow in an attempt to do battle against Captain Flameheart, and that’s not something anyone can abide by. One of the challenges has you exploring Crooked Masts to find Umbra’s Notes, and the exact location of these notes can be a little tricky to locate.

The first step to finding these notes is to visit Crooked Masts. You can find it on tile O11, to the east of Shipwreck Bay. How you get there will vary on what tavern you start on in Sea of Thieves.

Once there, you want to go to the region’s highest point and find the beacon at the top. There should be a platform there where the beacon is. It’s at the top of the island on the north portion of the island, and you do need to use your ship’s cannon to reach it. You won’t be able to get there by yourself.

For Sea of Thieves players who have already been visiting all of the beacon locations for the Wild Lights of Plenty challenge, you’ve likely visited this location already or were planning to do so when you have the green and purple flames. You can consider visiting this place alongside the beacon or grab it separately before you have the flames. After you’ve obtained the notes, you will have completed the challenge.