Fallout 76 – Where to find Wendigos

Players will find Wendigos in several locations in Fallout 76. This guide will help you track down the terrifying monsters.

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The wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76 are a dangerous place filled with monsters that won’t hesitate to attack you. As you make a camp and survive in the harsh environment, you will defend yourself from constant threats like Ghouls, Scorched, and the powerful Wendigo.

Wendigos are some of the most fearsome predators you can find in the wastelands and you better be prepared if you go searching for them. This guide will show you where you can find Wendigos in Fallout 76.

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All Wendigo Locations in Fallout 76

Wendigos, like Deathclaws, aren’t the most common creatures to find in the wastelands of Appalachia. You will spend most of the game seeing other creatures and probably won’t know that Wendigos exist until pretty late in the game. You will often see Wendigos where you see Feral Ghouls despite the two creatures not being related. If you insist on hunting down Wendigos, check the following areas:

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  • Wendigo Cave – Located in the center of the Savage Divide, Wendigo Cave is a reliable place to find Wendigos.
  • Fort Defiance – Located between the Savage Divide and Cranberry Bog, Fort Defiance always has one Wendigo on the right side of the interior on the second/third floor.
  • Monongah Mine – Dozens of Glowing Wendigos will spawn in this area during the Colossal Problem event against the Wendigo Colossus.
  • Sons of Dan Compound – A legendary Wendigo called The Nightstalker will always appear in this area at the end of the One Violent Night event.
  • Big B’s Rest Stop – Located in the southern part of The Mire near Camp Venture, one Wendigo reliable spawns inside the rest stop.
  • Haven Church – Located in the center of The Mire region, you can often find a Wendigo inside the building along with multiple Ghouls.

There are several different variants of Wendigos and each has its own capabilities. The most deadly version of the Wendigo is the Glowing Wendigo. The best way to farm Wendigos is to participate in the Colossal Problem event or the One Violent Night event. Wendigos will often drop Fiberglass Spools and Wendigo Teeth as well as Loose Screws which are a necessary crafting component when creating weapons and armor.