Where to get a Garlean Clam in Final Fantasy XIV

Where do you need to go to find them?

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You’ll be on the hunt for multiple resources and ingredients in Final Fantasy XIV. You could be using them in your crafting recipes, or they’re the main ingredient you need to find for Stadium Quests to increase your harvesting levels and make some money. For fishers looking for the Garlean Clam, you’ll need to visit a specific spot to find it. In this guide, we’re going to cover where you can get the Garlean Clam in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Garlean Clam is a seafood item you can only catch if you’re a fisher. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve reached at least level 83 in fishing before you try hunting this item down. When you’re this level, you then need to make your way over to the two different locations, both in Garlemald: The Eblan Thaw or The Stainless Course. You can find these locations at coordinates (X:11.1, Y:30.7) and (X:23.1, Y:9.1), respectively.

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To ensure you catch a Garlean Clam, we highly recommend bringing and using Leech Bait or a Versatile Lure with you. Both of those have a chance for a Garlean Clam to appear. When fishing, you want to use the Snagging ability to appear. However, some players also successfully used Patience II and a precision hookset.

After you’ve captured enough Garlean Clam at the listed locations, you can turn in the quest, use them in your crafting recipes, or offer them to other players on your server on the Marketboard.