Where to get a Kinna Sickle in Final Fantasy XIV

Add more weapons for your Reaper Job.

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You’ll find several methods available to you to mean exclusive equipment and items for your character in Final Fantasy XIV. Rarely are old features thrown away and no longer used in the game, especially when additional content comes. In this guide, we’re going to share with you where you can get a Kinna Sickle for your Reaper Job in Final Fantasy XIV.

You need two things to receive the Kinna Sickle: A Padjali Scythe and six Aetherpool Grips. You can receive the Aetherpool Grips by speaking with E-Una-Kotor.

You can find E-Una-Kotor in the South Shroud at coordinates (X:25.0, Y: 20.6). But you can only receive the Aetherpool Grips by working your way through the Palace of the Dead and making it floor 50. While doing this, you’ll be increasing your character’s Aetherpool weapon and arms to make progressing the palace easier. Finally, when you reach floor 50, you can leave and speak with E-Una-Kotor in the South Shroud and receive Aetherpool Grip. However, each time you receive an Aetherpool Grip, your Aetherpool equipment in the Palace of the Dead goes down by 10, which means you’ll need to have enough levels on this Aetherpool equipment to receive six Aetherpool grips.

Next is the Padjali Scythe. Again, you can purchase this item from E-Una-Kotor, so long as you have three Aetherpool grips. So, in total, you’ll need to acquire nine Aetherpool grips to complete.

Once you have the two requirements, return to E-Una-Kotor to receive your final reward, the Kinna Sickle.