Where to get Amra fruit in Final Fantasy XIV

Get your Amra fruit here.

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You’ll be trying to hunt down various resources that you can use for crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. With the addition of Endwalker, there are even more crafting levels and resources for you to find in these regions. However, for those trying to hunt down Amra fruit for their culinarian or alchemist, you’ll have to visit a specific location. Here’s what you need to know if you want to acquire Amra fruit in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

You’ll be able to find it through two methods. The first is by speaking with the Gemstone Trader in Thavnair. The Gemstone Trader coordinates (X:25.8, Y:34.7), just south of Yedlihmad. After speaking with the Gemstone Trader, they’re going to offer you an Amra fruit for two Bicolor Gemstones. You’ll be able to earn these Gemstones by completing FATEs in any of the regions throughout Endwalker.

Alternatively, you can also find them off of Vajralangula. These creatures can appear north of The Great Work and just south of The Perfumed Rise, which is roughly around coordinates (X:13.4, Y:18.5), but you’ll need to explore this region to find these animals. Unfortunately, plenty of players are reporting that these creatures have a low drop rate for this resource, so you might be better off trying to find a way to farm Bicolor Gemstones or even buy Amra fruit from the marketboard.