Where to get carrots in Genshin Impact

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Image via miHoYo

Carrots are a food resource in Genshin Impact that is used in many ingredients. You will need them to make Barbatos Ratatouille, Crystal Shrimp, Countryside Delicacy, Sticky Honest Roast, and A Buoyant Breeze.

You can find carrots growing in the wild, or by searching crates and boxes all over the map. On the maps below, we have marked spots where you can find multiple carrots.


You can find carrots at the above sites marked by the star icons.


Spawn at the Wolvendom teleporter and head north, then drop down to the bottom levels where you will find lots of carrots beside a tree. Pick them all up to spawn a chest.

Dawn Winery

Once again, the carrot locations are marked with stars on the map above.

You don’t need to do any form of elemental interact to pick carrots, you can just harvest them with any party member. As always, you should be grabbing any carrots you find as you play through the game so you always have enough when special events like the Marvelous Merchandise happen.