Where to get Chaos Modules in Genshin Impact

Make those weapons even more powerful.

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With so much to collect in the new 3.0 update to Genshin Impact, you might be wondering where to find all the resources you need. Sumeru is a vast place with so much to discover, so it’s understandable that not everything is immediately obvious on how and where to collect. For example, you would need to collect plenty of resources just to upgrade and ascend all your characters and weapons. Some are farmable, and some need to be crafted, but they all require time. That is why we have prepared a handy guide to help you find one of those important materials, Chaos Modules. So if you’re wondering where to get Chaos Modules in Genshin Impact, we have just the article for you.

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Where to find Chaos Modules in Genshin Impact | Chaos Modules location

There are two ways to get Chaos Modules in Genshin Impact. The main method is by gathering it from mob loot drops, and the alternative is by using the crafting method.

How to get Chaos Modules as loot drops in Genshin Impact

To gather Chaos Modules from enemies, you have only two options. Both are Ruin Drakes, which are Elite enemies, and they have to be Level 40+ to have a chance to drop Chaos Modules. That means you have to farm either:

  • Ruin Drake: Earthguard
  • Ruin Drake: Skywatch
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How to craft Chaos Modules in Genshin Impact

If you have leftover Chaos Storage from farming lower-level Ruin Drakes, you might be able to craft extra Chaos Modules that you need. To do that, you need to use 3x Chaos Storage and pay a fee of 50 Mora, to get 1 Chaos Module.

What are Chaos Modules used for in Genshin Impact

As you’ve gone through all the trouble of getting Chaos Modules, now is the time to use them. Their main purpose is to Ascend these fancy 4-star weapons to Levels 3 and 4:

  • Forest Regalia
  • Moonpiercer
  • Sapwood Blade

However, there is one more use for Chaos Modules. To Ascend those weapons to even greater levels, you will need Chaos Bolts. Luckily, your extra Chaos Modules can help you with that down the line as well, so hang on to them.