Where to get Concealed Claw, Unguis, and Talon in Genshin Impact

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New monsters in Genshin Impacts 2.2 update mean new resources that players can collect. The Concealed Claw, Unguis, and Talon will all be needed to level up certain characters and weapons, so players will want to know where they can get them.

The resources will drop from enemies that can be found on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma from the creatures listed below. The potential spawns for these enemies can be found below.

  • Rockfond Rifthound
  • Rockfond Rifthound Whelp
  • Thundercraven Rifthound
  • Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp

In the Adventurer’s Handbook, these enemies are known as the Wolves of the Rift, and the resource they will drop will depend on the level of the enemy.

  • Concealed Claw – Rifthounds and Whelps
  • Concealed Unguis – Righthouds and Whelps Lv 40+
  • Concealed Talon – Righthounds and Whelps Lv 60+

The Concealed Claw, Unguis, and Talon are used to ascend the Akuoumaru and Polar Star weapons that were introduced in update 2.2.

The Wolves of the Rift can be tough to fight, as they will inflict Corrosion on you that will slowly drain your HP over time. They also earn Rage if hit by their affinity element, eventually doing more damage if they gain enough of it.

In-game description

Residual body tissue left behind by one of the Riftwolves. By ordinary logic, these objects, so alien to this world, should not have remained behind after these abnormal creatures were excised from the land.