Where to get Dendrobium in Genshin Impact

Rare orchid.

Dendrobium is a type of Orchid that can be found in Genshin Impact. It will grow only in the Inazuma region, and only on the second group of islands in the region. Dendrobium does not currently have any recipe or ascension uses, but we suspect that will change with the arrival of future characters.

Dendrobium can be found growing in three different clusters around the islands. We will highlight all three below, with maps to show you exactly where the plans are growing.

It’s a good idea to harvest these as you find them, so you never need to specifically try and track them down. It’s good to approach all resources in the game this way as a time-saving measure against future farming efforts.

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything specific to farm these plants, you can simply interact with them and pick them up, and you do not need a specific elemental reaction to do so.

Northwest of Kujou Encampment

All along the route toward the island to the northwest of Kujou Encampment that houses the Pyro Hypostatis, you can find Dendrobium.

Nazuchi Beach

The tidal flats at Nazuchi Beach are the best place to farm this resource, as it will grow abundantly in the region.

South of Serpent’ss Heads

The final group of Dendrobium flowers can be found to the south of Serpent’s Head.