Where to get Frontier Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll need to bring a group.

Image via Square Enix

There are special items you’ll need to acquire in Final Fantasy XIV, and a useful item you can hunt for is frontier cloth. This particular type of cloth is a little difficult to find, and even by listing out the exact place to find out, we’ve discovered that it can still be a little troublesome to have it drop. You’ll have to repeat the exact method to find it multiple times, so be prepared to grind this material out.

Timeworn Zonureskin Maps

You can receive Frontier Cloth by completing Timeworn Zonureskin Maps. These are level 80 maps that require a full party of eight players to complete. You can acquire these maps from a botanist and a miner. They drop from specific resource nodes.

Here are some of the best locations that have a chance for a Timeworn Zonureskin Map to drop.

  • Harvesting
    • Kholusia (X:14 Y:14)
    • Lakeland (X:25 Y:30)
    • The Rak’tika Greatwood (X:26 Y:24)
  • Logging
    • Amh Araeng (X:15 Y:30)
    • Lakeland (X:12 Y:10)
  • Mining
    • Lakeland (X:36 Y:14)
    • The Rak’tika Greatwood (X:25 Y:28)
  • Quarrying
    • Amh Araeng (X:16 Y:11)
    • Khoulusia (X:22 Y:18)

Of the four methods, three of them appear in the Lakeland, so we highly recommend visiting this region if you want to farm for Timeworn Zonureskin Map drops.

Alternatively, you can purchase Timeworn Zonureskin Maps from the market board. These items typically go from anywhere between 63,000 gil to 80,000. If you have gil to spend and would rather focus on the map quests, purchasing them from the market board is a decent option.

The chance for Frontier Cloth to drop after completing these maps can vary, but we’ve seen a pretty decent chance of it appearing.

Purchase from the Market Board

Much like the Timeworn Zonureskin Maps that can drop Frontier Cloth, you can always purchase this resource from the market board. However, it is far more expensive. We’ve seen this item available on the market board at the lower price of 6 million gil, and a higher price for nearly 8 million gil. We highly recommend you stick to completing the Timeworn Zonureskin Maps with groups, as the pricing for the Frontier Cloth seems extremely expensive.