Where to get Garlean Synthetic Fabric in Final Fantasy XIV Online – Let Me Holster That For You

It’s going to take some looking around to find it.

Image via Square Enix

In Final Fantasy XIV Online, the Bozjan Southern Front, also known as the Battlefield, is a massive area introduced in Shadowbringers during the Save the Queen storyline. In it, you might be attempting to complete the Let Me Holster That For You quest, where you’re going to need to acquire Garlean Synthetic Fabric. Unfortunately, locating this item can be a little tricky, and you’ll need to spend a bit of time searching for it. This guide details the best ways to find Garlean Synthetic Fabric in the Bozjan Southern Front.

There are two ways you can obtain Garlean Synthetic Fabric. The more common method you’ll want to go through is critical engagements and from Castrum Lacus Litore, a 48-man raid that you can participate in the Bozjan Southern Front. It’s a massive group activity where there’s a chance for these items to drop, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to obtain through te playing the game.

However, if you find that your luck isn’t holding too well, you might want to try another method. You can always search the market board for these items and see if any players are selling them. Garlean Synthetic Fabrics are tradeable, so someone is bound to have already completed the quest a posted a few to earn some Gil. Purchasing them is a much faster method than grinding them out and hoping you can loot them.