Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6

Buy it with alpha animal meat or Moneda.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6, you either need to find Lola, or else hunt some alpha animals. Lola can be found in any of the three Guerrilla Camps (once you’ve unlocked them) by following the star icon. Industrial circuits are used to craft advanced Supremos and weapons, and there are three ways to get them.

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Buy industrial circuits from Lola

You can buy industrial circuits from Lola, but you’ll have to pay for them with Moneda, which is a rare currency. Fortunately, the easiest way to earn Moneda is by completing Special Operations, which are also available from Lola.

Earn industrial circuits on Los Bandidos operations

Next to Lola, you’ll find the Los Bandidos operations board offering light strategic side missions that occasionally offer industrial circuits as a reward. When playing one of these operations, look out for orders that reward you with industrial circuits.

Trade alpha meat for industrial circuits

All regular vendors offer industrial circuits, but only in return for the unspoiled meat of an alpha crocodile, alpha jaguar, or alpha coyote, all of which seem only to appear randomly and very rarely. Unless you’ve built a Hunter’s Lodge in one of your Guerrilla Camps, and upgraded it so that you receive the Animal Anatomy Guide, then make sure you don’t kill the alpha animal with firearms or explosives, as this will spoil the meat and you won’t get any industrial circuits for it.