Where to get industrial composite in Far Cry 6

It will be a pain, trust us.

Image via Ubisoft

Industrial composite is a vital resource in Far Cry 6 if you want to get advanced Supremo and improve certain weapons in the game. However, it is quite scarce when trying to explore Yara. There are two main ways of getting the resource, but they’re quite time-consuming.

Fish, fish, fish

Fishing is the easiest way of getting industrial composite. You’ll need to get the Biajaca, a very tough fish to catch as it’s an evasive species. The game even calls them “extremely difficult to catch.” There are fishing spots for the Biajaca throughout Yara but the easiest to get to is south of Castillo Senoral Tabacco Factory, a base you can take over for the resistance. It’s withn the most eastern part of the Costa Del Mar region.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We’d recommend installing the following attachments to the fishing rod as this makes it easier to catch the annoying fish:

  • Alluring Lure
  • Expert Reel
  • Expert Line

Once you have collected the fish, turn them into a store at a nearby base for your industrial composite. It works similarly to obtaining industrial circuits.

An alternative

If you hate fishing in games as much as this writer, there’s thankfully a different way to get industrial composite. Go to one of the three main home bases of the game like Montero Farm and talk to Lola. You can find her under the blue diamond emblem in your UI. You can buy Industrial Composite from her, but frustratingly, she has her own currency you have to earn.

To get Moneda, you’ll need to complete her special operations. We recommend asking a friend to help you as you get extra currency for doing so. They’re pretty hard to complete as you have to steal a secret weapon called the PG-240X.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The reason why these missions are tough is that you have to keep the PG-240X cool while you move to a far-away objective, and the UI isn’t as helpful as the main game. While carrying the PG-240X, you can lose track of time easily or get overwhelmed by soldiers protecting the cooling points.

Once you have finished the special operation, you can purchase the industrial composite for 150 Moneda.