Where to get Juvenile Jade in Genshin Impact

You gotta work for it.

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Juvenile Jade is an ascension material in Genshin Impact. The only character who uses it, at the moment, is Xiao, and it is not currently needed for any weapon ascensions.

It only comes from one source in the game, the Primo Geovishap. This is a new world boss that was introduced in Genshin Impact 1.3, and it can be quite a challenging fight if you are not prepared for it. Juvenile Jade will only drop from Pirmo Geovishaps that are Level 30 or higher.

Where to find the Primo Geovishap

You can find this boss fight in Tianqiu Valley in Liyue. As we said, it is a tough fight, and the creature has a range of attacks that you will need to be prepared for.

  • Primordial Shower – the main difference maker in this fight, the creature charges an attack of Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, or Electro energy. If you are protected by a shield when this attack goes off the creature will end up taking damage. If it matches the damage type or is a Geo shield, the damage dealt to the boss is increased.
  • Primeval Spring – forms a series of rocks that will explode, dealing damage.
  • Elemental Breath – the beast breaths pure elemental energy that matches the current attuned element.
  • Burrow and Slam – the Primo Geovishap digs underground, then explodes to the surface, performing a slam attack.
  • Spin – like its smaller cousins, the Primo Geovishap can go a lashing spin with his tail, doing a lot of damage.

Bringing a Geo character that can make shields is a big advantage, so anyone with Zhongli or Noelle is advised to use them. The boss will drop crystals as you fight it, so be sure to time picking them up to coincide with when you need them to counter the Primordial Shower attack.

After that, bring your favorite damage dealers and supports, and just make sure you try to keep to the beast’s rear. Most of its attacks will struggle to hit you here, and you can safely wear it down over time. Make sure you combo your elements and generate as much energy as possible to keep your Skills and Bursts flowing.

To get your Juvenile Jade when the fight is over, you will need 60 Original Resin to claim them. You can repeat the fight multiples times a day, as long as you have enough resin. Just teleport out of the area then return to reset the boss.