Where to get Moramora Bezoars in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Don’t look up unless you want this rare material.

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Moramora Bezoars are a rare monster material in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Monster materials are used for a variety of content: complete quests, raise Colony affinity, and create Gems. Gems are powerful items that can augment a character’s playstyle, and Moramora Bezoars can help you craft one of the game’s best Gems. This guide will explain where to get Moramora Bezoars in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to find Moramora Bezoars in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Moramora Bezoars are the rare drop that comes from the Moramora monster. The elusive Moramora is a flying monster with an imposing size and presence. They look like massive flying stingrays, and they travel alone. These creatures float high above the ground and usually require a ranged character to initiate a fight with them. Moramora are high-level enemies, and the first ones you encounter aren’t until you reach chapter four of the campaign.

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In Chapter 4, you will approach Keves castle. The region is called the Syra Hovering Reefs. This region is a series of floating islands connected with ziplines. Traverse to each island until you reach Hovering Reef 7. This floating rock is home to a Unique monster called the Diabolical Rindolph. This variant of the Moramora is level 49, and they put up a tough fight. We recommend you hunt this monster with a level 50 party.

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Once you defeat this creature, they will drop a healthy amount of Moramora Bezoars to collect. With this world boss gone, you can now use their gravestone as a Skip Travel location. This island contains three standard Moramora creatures to hunt. Clear them all out, then Skip Travel back to the gravestone to track all of these creatures as often as you need. This rare material can be used to craft the Empowered Combo Gem.

Moramora Bezoars don’t often drop, so head to a Rest Spot and cook the Well-Dressed Maktha Salad to increase your chances of earning rare items after successful hunts.