Where to get Portunids in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s get those cute crab creatures.

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There are many materials and resources that you can gather in Tower of Fantasy. Some are easier to gather, while others are a bit challenging. One such resource that you will need for cooking, side quests, and eating is Portunid. It’s a small crab-like creature that roams around the beach shores in Tower of Fantasy. It only spawns at a few specific beach shores, so gathering it might be challenging. Here are all Portunid resource locations in Tower of Fantasy.

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Where to find Portunid locations in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Portnuid in three regions of Aesperia: Astra, Banges, and Crown Mines. As mentioned, you will only get your hands on Portunid at beach shores. Since it’s a living creature, you will need to kill it by attacking it. Afterward, you need to walk near its loot, and the character will automatically pick up the Portunid.

Astra Portunid locations

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There are only a few locations in Astra where you can get your hands on Portunids. The first location is north of Astra Omnium tower. Then, two locations are at the edges of Mega Arena. Lastly, the third location is east of Robarg.

Banges Portunid locations

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In Banges, you have better chances to farm a good amount of Portunids. The first two and the best locations to get Portunids are just south of Banges Docks. The remaining two locations are west and northwest of Banges Docks.

Crown Mines Portunid locations

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Crown Mines has many locations where you can get Portunids. The first few are all surrounding the Transportation Hub. As for the rest of the locations, some are south of Crown Mines Omnium tower, and others are on the east and northeast sides.

Although there are a lot of locations to get Portunids, Banges, and Crown Mines have the best ones. Gathering Portunids can help you cook Steamed Crab and the Foodie Girl side quest, so it’s definitely worth farming.