How to complete the Foodie Girl side quest in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s help Patty cook something delicious.

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There are a lot of different quests in Tower of Fantasy, but only a few reward you with SR relic shards. One such quest is Foodie Girl. In this side quest, you need to help a girl named Patty find ingredients. It’s a simple quest, but finding some of the ingredients can be challenging. Here is how to complete the Foodie Girl side quest in Tower of Fantasy.

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Foodie Girl side quest walkthrough

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To start this quest, go to Banges Dock and then head near the southeast shores, when you are there the game will mark the quest location on your map. Go to the quest marker, and talk to Patty. After talking to her, you will get your first objective to gather five lavers.

How to get lavers

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For this quest, you can find lavers on most of the shores of Banges. Another great place where you are guaranteed to find lavers is the shores directly west of Banges Dock. There are two shores on the west, and the one we want is a bit further, near the corner of Banges.

Once there, look for purple leaf-like objects, which are lavers on the ground, and pick them up. After you gather five of them, you will need to return to Patty to hand her over lavers. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a Seafood soup recipe, and Patty will task you with finding eight Scallops.

How to get Scallops

To find scallops, look near the shores of where Patty is standing, and you will easily come across eight of those. Scallops look like normal seashells and are mostly near the shores. Once you gather them, hand them over to Patty, and lastly, she will task you with finding five portunids.

How to get portunids

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Portunids are those crab-like creatures roaming around near the shore areas. You can easily find those creatures near the Spcerift: Mt. Woochu, south of Banges Dock. You can one-shot them with any of your weapons, and your characters will automatically pick the portunid loot. After gathering five of them, head back, talk to Patty, and it will complete the quest. Upon completing this quest, you will get two Jetboard SR relic shards and XP points.