How to get Poultry Meat in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s make some crispy chicken.

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Tower of Fantasy has a vast collection of different ingredients. Finding these ingredients can be challenging as some are located in specific parts of the maps, or players can only obtain other ingredients from a specific type of animal. But finding these ingredients is well worth the grind since you can eat them to recover quickly or use them in cooking to get various unique dishes. Poultry Meat is one of the basic ingredients that are easy to get, but it can be tricky since there is only one way to get it. This Tower of Fantasy guide will cover how to get Poultry Meat and where to use it.

Where to find Poultry Meat

The only way to get poultry meat in Tower of Fantasy is to kill birds and loot it from them. You can find birds in only two regions of the map; Astra and Banges. You can find many birds flying and sitting at the marked locations. To get more poultry meat, you can try to farm at the locations one by one and repeat it.

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We recommend using a bow when hunting for birds, as it can easily reach them when they fly, or you can hit them from afar. In Tower of Fantasy, birds look pinkish-white, and you can easily spot them when you see them. After you see one, press attack, and your character will automatically shoot them to death.

How to use Poultry Meat

Like any other ingredient, Poultry Meat has two uses, eating, and cooking. When you eat it raw, it will give you one satiety point. You can cook only two dishes with poultry meat: Fried Chicken and Crispy Chicken Burger. That said, both dishes you can cook with poultry meat are one of the best in the game.