Where to get Rummy-nosed Tetra in Final Fantasy XIV

Where can you find Rummy-nosed Tetra?

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There are several resources and materials you can find all over Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re looking to catch a Rummy-nosed Tetra, you’ll have your work cut out for you. You’ll want to make sure you have the correct gear at the ready before setting out to find them. This guide covers where to get Rummy-nosed Tetra in Final Fantasy XIV and everything you need to do to increase your chances of finding them.

When it comes to locating Rummy-nosed Tetra, you’ll only be able to do it while spearfishing. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’ve completed the spearfishing quest you receive from Sumitsubo in The Ruby Sea at coordinates (X:28.9, Y:15.9). You will need to be a level 61 Fisher to unlock this quest.

When you’re ready with your spearfishing gear, we recommend heading over to Thavnair, in the Ilsabard region, and going to coordinates (X:24.4, Y:24.7), close to The Fond of Maya, in The Shroud of Samgha region. You should be able to catch Rummy-nosed Tetra in this region. The type of shadowed fish you’re looking for will be the smallest one, and it will be the fastest moving on your screen.

You can regularly visit this location to find Rummy-nosed Tetra in Thavnair. You’ll need these fish if you want to complete the What’s in the Air for Wurtwyb in Old Sharlayan.