Where to get Spectral Husk, Heart, and Nucleus in Genshin Impact


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Spectral Husk, Spectral Heart, and Spectral Nucleus are different tiers of ascension materials that can be farmed from Spectres in Genshin Impact. Specters are a special enemy that can only be found in one part of the game.

Specters will only appear on Seirai and Watatsumi Islands in the Inazuma region of the game. They will mostly appear near water and can spawn in packs. Depending on the resource you are farming, your enemies will need to be at a certain level:

  • Specters below level 40 Spectral Husks
  • Specters from 40+ drop Spectral Hearts
  • Specters at level 60+ drop Spectral Nucleus
  • All tiers can drop resources from the tiers lower than them and the rarer drops can be crafted from the lower tier drops at an Alchemy table.

When Specters spawn, they will have an element affinity and will be completely immune to this type of damage. They can spawn as Geo, Hydro, or Anemo Specters, and any abilities that do this type of damage will not hurt them at all. Specters also cannot be drowned and can fly, making them a little awkward to hit sometimes.

When farming Specters, it is a good idea to bring someone with good attacks from a bow, as this will take care of them even if they are flying.

Seirai Island Specter Spawns

Watatsumi Island Specter Spawns