Where to get the Broken Lens in Nier Replicant

It might take a while.

There is all manner of quests to complete in Nier Replicant, and a variety of items and resources that you will need to track down. The Broken Lens will be needed pretty early in the game, so in this guide, we will show you where to find it.

To get the Broken Lens, players will have two options. The first is to go and fight robots on the Junk Heap. They are a very common enemy in this area, but the Broken Lens is a rare drop, so it can take quite a while to get it.

Junk Heap, which is an abandoned military base, has lots of robot enemies, and they drop a variety of different loot. The Broken Lens can drop from all the different robot types in the area.

The more direct way is to purchase the Broken Lens from the store, Two Brother’s Weaponry that is run by Gideon and Jakob. They will sell the Broken Lens, but it will cost 1100 Gold. As such, you will just need to farm up the gold you need, then you’ll be able to purchase the item instead of endlessly bashing robots and hoping for the best.

While you are at the Two Brothers Weaponry store, don’t forget to speak to Jakob and get the map for the Junk Heap area.

Two Brother’s Weaponry Inventory

Silver Ore Silver that was mined from the earth1500 gold
Copper Ore Copper that was mined from the earth480 gold
Iron Ore Iron that was mined from the earth1000 gold
Dented Metal Board A machine part750 gold
Stripped Bolt A machine part900 gold
Broken LensA machine part1100 gold