Where to get the Dragon Shard of Knowledge in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Unlock the draconic potential.


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As the continent of Dragon Isles comes into play with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, a slew of new currencies, quests, and characters emerge with vibrant backgrounds. A continent full of new mechanics to discover, however, can be daunting for players seeking specific items. One such item is the Dragon Shard of Knowledge, a relatively difficult piece to find unless you know where to look. Here’s what the Dragon Shard does and where to find it.

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How to get Dragon Shards of Knowledge

The Dragon Shard of Knowledge helps players with professions unlock draconic knowledge, then applied to the chosen profession. These Dragon Shards can be obtained in different ways once the Ohn’ahran Plains quest line has been completed: quest rewards, world treasures such as Expedition Scout’s Pack, and from various Achievements. The good news is that you won’t be needing to fight enemy factions for the drops, as necessary for Bloody Tokens.

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This generally vague terminology shouldn’t turn professions off from searching for them; however — they are easy enough to find while completing quests across the Dragon Isles, either from running into new quest givers or from finding Scout Packs. Some mobs also have a reported drop chance if players would prefer to be a bit more proactive. The undead Fisherman Tinnak within the Azure Span at 49.2, 38.4 has a reported 17% drop chance, while rare elite Researcher Sneakwing of Ohn’ahran Plains at 37, 53.8 has a 14% drop chance.

How to turn in Dragon Shards

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In order to turn in Dragon Shards, players will first need to complete the entirety of the Ohn’ahran Plains quest, including the Clan quiz and the cycling of gifts for Khadin’s Wisdom. Dragon Shards can be turned in at Khadin, the Master Artisan found in Ohn’ahran Plains at 51.8, 33. The quest line, The Master of Their Craft, begins with her and will reward players with a singular Dragon Shard of Knowledge along with a smattering of moneys and experience.