Where to get the Fractured Fruit Shard in Genshin Impact

What once was whole.

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Image via miHoYo

The latest Genshin Impact update has introduced some new NPCs and a new event for players to enjoy. The Mr. Melencholy mission will leave into the Fractured Fruits event, and players can find it near Stone Gate in Liyue.

There, you will find two new characters who will tell you that they were transporting an item called the Irminsul Fruit. After being attack be Treasure Hoarders, the Irminsul Fruit exploded, scattering pieces in all directions.

Now the pieces need to be collected, but nearby Mutation Stones are making it difficult as they are making nearby enemies stronger. It will be up to you to collect the Fragments and Shard.

The First Fragment

The first Fragment can be found between Dawn Winery and Springvale and will be marked on the map by a small crystal icon. Go there and destroy the glowing red crystal first to stop it buffing the enemies, then take them all out. This will unlock the blue crystal, and you can interact with it to collect it.

The Second Fragment

The Second Fragment is located north of Dawn Winery. There will be a mutation stone on the ground, so ensure you destroy this first, then take out all the enemies.

The Third Fragment

The third Fragment is located near the large Hilichurl camps to the south of Springvale. There will be two mutation stones in two smaller buildings, so take them both out, then take out all the monsters and grab the Fragment.

Do so will also get you the shard, and you can return to Yingzhu near Stone Gate and speak with them. The next step is to take on a special domain that has appeared nearby, specially for the event. This is pretty straight forward, just head for the Domain, go inside, and take out all the enemies that you find. After that, head back the NPCs at Stone Gate for your reward.