Where to get The Legendary Beast music orchestrion roll in Final Fantasy XIV

The Legendary Beast arrives to Final Fantasy XIV.

Patch 5.4 in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers brought along a few new exciting orchestrion music rolls. Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis pits players against a familiar boss, with “The Legendary Beast” playing from Final Fantasy VIII. Players can obtain this music roll for themselves, reliving their experiences from the Griever fight in FFVIII.

Farm Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis

The main way to get this orchestrion roll is to beat Eden’s Promise: Anamorphosis (Normal), or E11N. When you clear the fight, you might see “The Legendary Beast” music roll in your treasure chests. Just roll and hope you get it. Keep farming the fight as much as you need to, until luck finally comes your way. If you’re running with random players, you’ll have to compete with all of them for rolls. On top of that, the orchestrion roll won’t drop every single time. So depending on your finances, you might be better off buying the orchestrion roll directly.

Buy the orchestrion roll on the market board

This music roll is kind of expensive. It’s a popular song, and the drop rate isn’t guaranteed, so your mileage will vary on this one. Your server or data center might have better prices, so try to shop around using the World Visit system. It’s likely that this price tag will stick around for a while. Even the orchestrion rolls from the first tier of Eden raids, Eden’s Gate, run for about the same costs. Whether you farm the orchestrion roll or purchase it yourself, you’ll have “The Legendary Beast” available for the Orchestrion player in your house, apartment, or inn room.