Where to get the Salt Plain Pools Dye in Sable

Paint your bike up in style.

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Customizing your ride with all sorts of colors will allow you to stretch your creativity and show off your personal flair to the world around you. The Salt Plain Pools dye with its multi-colored design will make Sable stand out in a sea of white.

In order to get it, you must reach the most northeastern section of the map, where the salt plain lies. It’s hard to spot as there is a single villager camped in the middle of the dull, white landscape. He is located to the left (north if you look on the compass) of Geyser Tower, where you have to find a hunter named Dilhan as a quest.

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As you move along the plain white plain, you should see a small plume of black smoke in the distance. If you see this, you’ll know you’re in the right direction. The encampment is covered in green tents with multicolored salt piles on the left-hand side. Talk to the salt harvester by the wagon named Felix.

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Say to him that you’re interested in buying salts and he’ll respond that he has an exclusive contract with another settlement. However, he does give you the Salt Plain Pools dye, which he says is a much better reward for the glider’s travels.

You can then apply the dye when you get to a mechanic at a larger settlement.