Where to get the Unmatching Pieces music orchestrion roll in Final Fantasy XIV

Get your music from the Everlasting Light version of Kholusia.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers introduced the beautiful Kholusia zone, filled with a haunting Everlasting Light weather effect. The song that plays during this Everlasting Light is particularly poignant and moving. Unfortunately, after progressing through a certain point in the main scenario quests, this music stops playing throughout Kholusia.

To get around this, players can obtain the “Unmatching Pieces” orchestrion roll, which plays the original Everlasting Light version of Kholusia’s music. Players have a couple of options to get this song for themselves.

Earn treasure from The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah

Image via Square Enix

Get your level 80 zonureskin treasure map and go treasure hunting with a group of friends. If you get a portal that takes you to The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah, then you’re in luck. Head through the treasure dungeon, earn your rewards, and hope the “Unmatching Pieces” orchestrion roll drops for you. If it doesn’t, then keep trying until you get it. But if you don’t have the patience for that, then you have one other method for obtaining this orchestrion roll.

Buy the orchestrion roll on the market board

Players can instead skip the treasure hunting and buy the music directly. If you have the gil to spend, then this is the option for you. You may have better luck finding cheaper prices on your server. Save up what you can (or beg someone to buy it for you), then use the orchestrion roll item. You’ll have access to play the music from the Orchestrion player in your inn room, or your house or apartment if you have one there.