Where to get Thistle Needles to make Arrows in Grounded

Get ready to make plenty of trips.

Arrows and ranged weapons are a great tool to use in Grounded. You want to use these when attempting to take on the bigger creatures in the game, namely spiders, ladybugs, and nearly anything else that you encounter that’s roughly the size of a mini-van. While arrows are useful, they can be difficult to craft because thistle needles are hard to find. 

You can find thistle needles by finding the thistle plants in Grounded. These ones are as tall as dandelions, but they’re blue and purple. Thistle needles come from hitting the plant over and over again, steadily stacking up in your inventory. Whenever you want to look for them, look for a purple-tipped plant anywhere in the garden, and make your way over to it. The higher vantage point you have, the easier it is to find them.

Thistle plants closer to the oak tree in the garden, so you want to make sure you have a good deal of equipment to take on any bug you encounter while looking for them. When you have enough, you can use the needles to craft a variety of arrows to fight off any bug you encounter. Make sure to take your time aiming the weapon and surprise the bigger bugs.