Where to interact with Zero Point Scanning Devices in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Is the Zero Point set to deliver new POIs to the map soon?

Screenshot by Gamepur

As the Zero Point in Fortnite is accountable for bringing new and older locations to the island, the Vibin’ narrative questline reveals that its energy is at dangerously high levels. As a result, The Scientist will ask players to monitor its behavior by using Zero Point Scanning Devices planted around Loot Lake and Reality Falls. With these machines being terribly small, here’s where you can locate each device on the map in no time.

All Zero Point Scanning Device locations

In total, there are six different scanning devices in the area, but you will only need to use three to complete this quest. Thankfully, you won’t need to search the ground to find them, as each floats either in Loot Lake or the bodies of water southwest of it. Though, there are a few Loot Sharks roaming around that you’ll need to be cautious of. You can find each Zero Point Scanning Device location marked and detailed below.

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Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #1: At the mushroom field southwest of Reality Falls, this device can be found in the stream to the left.
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #2: Another device can be located in the body of water north of Reality Falls’ Reality Tree.
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #3: Players can run into the device in the part of the river just west of Loot Lake.
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #4: At the south end of Loot Lake, this scanning device is near the crashed IO Airship.
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #5: The fifth sits in the water to the left of Loot Lake’s central island.
  • Zero Point Scanning Device #6: This last device floats in front of the boat ramp at the north end of Loot Lake.

Once you’ve scanned three devices, the questline will gift you a grand sum of 7,000 XP and a free Bushy’s Bulb Back Bling for finishing Part Two of Vibin’. Although the battle royale rarely gives away cosmetics, players wanting even more free goodies should look to participate in The Nindo 2022 event challenges to nab six different pieces of Naturo-themed gear.