Where to place Chrome Anomaly in the test chamber at a Research Lab in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

It’s time to do some science.

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After destroying Chrome Objects in Fortnite and collecting Chrome Anomaly samples for Jones and Amie, it’s time to analyze it to see what it is. You can take it to one of three locations in the Paradise quest line, and you want to get it there quickly before Chrome has more time to spread. This guide covers where you need to go to place the Chrome Anomaly in the test chamber at the Research Lab in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

Where to place the Chrome Anomaly in the test chamber at a Research Lab

You can visit one of three locations to test the Chrome Anomaly at a research lab. You can find one to the northeast of Tilted Towers, one at the bottom of the map to the north of Synapse Station, and another on the far island on the east side of the map, far away from the Herald’s Sanctum. You only need to visit one of these three locations to test out the Chrome Anomaly.

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These Research Labs are typically underground. You may need to search around for their entrance at these locations. When you get down there, go to the area with a screen window, and interact with it. You will place the Chrome Anomaly in the analyzer area, and you will be able to make sense of what it is. However, you want to remain at this location for a bit. You need to do some experiments on it.

Shortly after you begin to analyze the Chrome Anomaly, red lights will appear next to the window. You will need to take your harvesting tool to smack these lights and complete the quest objective. This area can be difficult to protect if you have other players nearby trying to attack you.

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