Where to spend coins in Astro’s Playroom

Making use of the over-populated currency.

There are so many gold coins in Astro’s Playroom, it is a bit overwhelming when you first see them scattered all around. Over time, you’ll be courageous enough to collect each one, as you can spend them for some pretty rad merchandise. Where you spend them is well hidden, but it’s certainly easy to get.

Finding the claw crane

It’s not a store that you’re looking for, but a claw crane. Putting 100 coins into this machine will earn you an egg that carries inside either a previously locked artifact or puzzle piece – or a dirty soda if your luck runs dry. Here are some steps for getting there.

  1. Start from the main CPU Plaza and jump into the mammoth-sized PS1 near the spawn. It will bring you to a location named PlayStation Labo, where all your artifacts are kept.
  2. Go directly straight until you encounter a vault with a power button in front of it.
  3. Step on the power button and the crane will reveal itself.
  4. With the needed 100 coins, you’ll be able to pull the lever by pressing L2. One of the various types of eggs will then fly out, and can be cracked open by holding R2. Best of luck!

You will notice that some eggs are either silver or gold, which indicates the rarity of the item you receive. Silver ones are usually statues of bots that can be placed in Labo, as golds are coveted artifacts.