Where to turn in Daivadipa’s Beads in Final Fantasy XIV

Where can you get your rewards?

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The Daivadipa’s Beads are a reward you can earn in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion to unlock several exclusive items. While you can’t find them out in the open world, you do get the chance to earn them through a little bit of luck and defeating a fearsome opponent, Daivadipa. You’ll need to work alongside other players to complete the encounter. Once you have the Daivadipa’s Beads, what do you do with them, and where do you turn them in? Here’s where you need to go to turn in Daivadipa’s Beads in Final Fantasy XIV.

The only location you can use and turn in your Daivadipa’s Beads is in Radz-at-Hand. In the same region, you can obtain the item, Thavnair. You can find this location in the northeast portion of the map. You can fly through on a mount, or you can fast travel to the site to arrive, paying a small amount of Gil immediately.

When you arrive to the city, you’ll need to head over to Nesvaaz, the Totem and Sundry Exchange. You can find them at coordinates (X:10.6, Y:10.0). You’ll want to go down to the out-of-this-world oddities option to turn in your Daivadipa’s Beads. Most of the items require several beads, so you may need to farm the creature that drops them, Daivadipa, before having enough to buy everything you want.